Weekend Misc

Satuday is a good day, which is expected by most of us, however, fewer and fewer people are online no matter MSN or POPO (To find more persons, I lauched it and again dissapointed). Only about 10% guys of the whole list are showing there id, 50% of these ids are suggesting busy or away.
So where is the people? Always, 4 or 5 times of friends are online during a working day, busy or away, without talking or even saying hello for a long time. It is a very odd state, as you can imagine, two stand still, watching each other, no words, no wave, no hello, just let the other no, they are being on the earth.
I am not sure if it is reasonble, and I doubt, the network makes the distance smaller or larger.
Besides OT today(and is the first time I came to company during the daytime), the only entertainment is to view those space, to take care of the others, a very direct way and make yourself warm, happy, surprise, and mixed feelings.
Sometimes, you could have a lot of ideas from the others.
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One Response to Weekend Misc

  1. Topteeth says:

    You are right.
    The network makes the distance larger not only during people onlined but also offlined.

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