Goodbye to Philips

An offer letter came from Philips the day before yesterday, the position is also semiconductor trainee. The feeling is combined with both sorry and happy. I am sorry because I missed Philips, and I am happy because I was accepted by Philips.
Philips and Agilent are both good, and it would be not so easy  to choose either of them( if I had the chance).
Both of the two are leaders in each fields (they are common in the semiconductor industry, but foucusing in more speciall directions).  Both of their semicondutor group would be sepereated from the mother company. Both of their products are well accepted by most of the users. Both are nice.(P paid me the cash which is more than the trian tickets and A prepared the tea and bread as afternoon meals)
Also there are some differences.
Philips is larger while Agilent is smarter. P is a little slow while A is efficient. (P had 2 round phone interview,1 face to face in SH, while A has 1 round paper based-20min test and 1 face to face in NJ., P lasted for about a month and A last for 2 days. P seems a little old while A is young. ……
I preferred Agilent because its quick offer, challenging job, detaild trainingn module and.. I would tell you more later, and now I have to leave
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