Hi, everyone, I would like to show all of you my next station: Agilent
I would join the ATG, that is Automatic Test Group, and the title is TRAINEE
You can visit more about it at or
Here, I would like to thank everyone who is always supporting me.
My family told me that they would agree with my decision without reservation.
All of My lab-mates always encourage me and provide me lots of helpful info as well as interview tips
My old classmate, shoestring, David Jin gave me a hand
My other friends, such as Sophia, YLM, MN, XY and so on and so on are very lovely and kind!
I would still discuss what is life in the following days
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7 Responses to MY NEXT STATION

  1. vickey says:

    瓦赛,一个大公司,在外企里面锻炼几年,能力就增强n多。congratulations hehe

  2. Ning says:

    Felicitations!But why as a trainee?

  3. Zhenyu says:

    to dai, agilent is not so large as the giants like intel, philips(though it is a great place to work as excheng said) because it was frormerly a division of HP before 1999. The ATG would depart from Agilent again in the next year to be a new company, and no one know its new ning, trainee is the reason why I made decision. The traiing would last for 1 yr(at most), six months in classroom or lab, and six on job training. After passing the qulification test, you can choose your own directions, such as R&D, AE(application engineer) or Sales(Marcket or sth like), so you would have one more chance to choose. In addtion, the life in agilent seems challenging and interesting.

  4. rachel says:

    u are not going to US anyway~~~~ Am i right? Congs!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad u enter the next phase of life, not the final answer…..

  5. Yi says:

    不错,超大公司未必好,适合你的才是最好~ 好好干 :)

  6. says:

    Ideal work, dreaming place! Congraluations!!!!!!!!!!!I will give you a call in these days.

  7. Li says:


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